About Us

DYC Fitness

DYC Fitness is now open at 1703 E Michigan St. in downtown Indianapolis! Our space features a simple floorplan that guarantees a great 1-on-1 workout with certified personal trainers. We also offer small group personal training where clients can workout together and help motivate each other.

DYC Fitness started because of our founders, Jeremy Stephens and Josh Hibbitt. The pair came together when starting our other brand Disturbing Comfort and have grown from there. It was always their dream to one day own a gym and create a unique experience for clients. The idea for DYC Fitness came because we knew the need for a fitness space in the community where people could come in and workout without being intimated by the big gym vibe. Our team is full of certified personal trainers who are dedicated to helping clients reach their fitness and health goals. We are excited for the opportunity to expand our health and fitness influence into the Woodruff community of Indianapolis, IN.